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The gap personnel philosophy: a better-trained worker is a better worker. Full stop.

To us, it’s simple common sense that the more competent the worker, the more productive they will be. And training is the key – so we’re committed to constantly helping all our workers develop and grow their skills and, ultimately, drive your business forward. We can train off-site, or at your premises. We can cover everything from the basic ABCs of H&S, or get right down to the specific fine detail of best practice in your industry sector. It’s your call.

We can take this pre-employment training up a level too: designing and delivering industry-specific programmes which tap into valuable government funding to give you a ready-made/work-ready team.

In fact, whatever it takes to make your workers – and your business – better, we’ll do it.

Levels 1-3 Food Safety
Level 2 Health & Safety
Level 2 Manual Handling
Level 3 First Aid
Level 2 Fire Safety

In 2017, gap personnel group acquired a stake in North Wales-based national training provider, Kickstart2Employment, to strengthen its service provision to customers across England and Wales.