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27 November, 2017

How to use wellness to maximise peak performance

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Whatever your role in the workplace, health challenges including back pain, headaches, fatigue or stress can have a significant impact on both your wellbeing and productivity.

If you have a chronic illness, studies have shown that you can lose 10-30 days off sick in a year, and the days that you do work, when you can, could cost your company 30-90 days of lost productivity. How is this affecting you and your colleagues in your recruitment company?

The great news is that there are so many things you can do that would make a huge difference to your health, your energy and your concentration. As your health affects the way in which you live your life, what can you do to allow yourself higher energy levels, peak performance and improved concentration?

The following tips are highly recommended:

1. Start your day as you intend to finish your day. Having an organised mind and a healthy start will set your day up for success. Working on energy levels through a combination of exercise, meditation  and the right nutrition can help you to attain the right fuel to kickstart your day. Even though challenges and stresses may present themselves during the day, the stronger you start your day, the better endurance and motivation you will have throughout.

2. Learn how to meditate, even if it’s 5-10 minutes a day.
During a ‘fight and flight’ stress response, also known as ‘sympathetic overdrive’, you experience effects such as hypersensitivity to pain, increased blood pressure and memory impairment. Learning  how to switch off and declutter your mind through meditation or a change in your mindset will push you towards ‘parasympathetic’, which is a part of the nervous system that is used to ‘rest and digest’. Not only will you be able to digest food better but you will also be able to think more clearly.

3. Exercise will help to burn off the adrenaline and cortisol that’s in your system and will enable you to be more productive. The right type of exercise in the morning, or possibly afternoon, will give you a boost of energy.

4. When you digest and break down carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, and potatoes, the starch in them breaks down into glucose – although, as sugar it is an important part of the diet, too much sugar can affect your insulin levels and lead you into an afternoon slump or morning fatigue. The correct nutrition and the right amount of protein in your diet will help to balance this.

Whether it’s time taken off from work, loss of commission or potentially loss of job, your health can really impact your career.

As your body is self-healing and self-regulating, working with a specialist who really holistically understands your health from a physical, emotional or nutritional perspective can have a fantastic impact on your overall health and wellbeing. This, in turn, will help you to achieve a higher level of success at work.

Source: Recruiter (October 2017)