you’re hired: securing a job without a CV

posted on February 2020 by gap personnel group


When applying for industrial jobs that don’t require experience, submitting a CV isn’t always necessary as they don’t tend to require a technical skillset or higher qualifications.

Look at production roles like pickers and packers for example, their repetitive nature means you can learn as you go and complete tasks with minimal training. You don’t need years of experience; you just need to be a fast learner who’s keen to work.

This is why we’ve updated our application process so you can apply for jobs with just your name, phone number and email address, without a CV or cover letter. We then invite you into branch to find out more about you, work with you to build your employment history and collect references from suitable sources.

Basically, if you’re taking your first step into the working world, or if you simply don’t have a CV, don’t be put off applying. Here’s some advice on how you can secure work regardless of your experience.

Be prompt
Once we’ve arranged a day for you to come into branch, turn up on time. First impressions count, and our recruiters will be confident putting you forward for more roles if they know you’re efficient and have good time-management skills. If you can’t make our meeting or if you’re running late just let us know in advance, we’ll happily rearrange!

Look the part
You don’t need to turn up to your interview with us in a suit and tie but presenting yourself well goes a long way. Lots of the jobs we recruit for are within the FMCG sector – food production, hygiene operatives, quality assurance etc – so personal presentation is key.

Be honest
Talk to us truthfully about the kind of job you’re looking for. Are you looking for full-time or part-time hours? Weekdays, weeknights, or weekend work? Can you travel and do you have a driving licence? Don’t tell us you have 100% availability because you think that’s what we want to hear. Talk to us about what works for you, and we’ll try our best to find you a placement that works around your lifestyle.

Emphasise your strengths
Not having loads of experience or qualifications doesn’t mean you don’t have strengths. Good communication, attention to detail and a strong work ethic are crucial in industrial roles. If you demonstrate skills like these and a willingness to learn, we’ll be able to find you work in a role that suits you.

But there will, however, be instances when we do ask you for a CV, like if you’re applying for an industrial position that requires you to demonstrate a comprehensive employment history for security checks.

Similarly, you’ll need a CV when applying for higher-skilled jobs in other industries. Take those advertised by our technical, professional and healthcare teams, these positions require a certain level of qualification(s) and experience, so a CV is perfect for showcasing your career to date.

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