IWD 2021: advice for women starting their careers

posted on March 2021 by gap personnel group

international women's day gap personnel group

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked our team to share some words of wisdom for younger girls and women starting out in their careers.  

Emilia Leach - Payroll Administrator and Resourcer 

"Explore your options - I chose the apprenticeship route to kickstart my career. I loved that I could still get qualifications and develop whilst in a job. I would recommend this if you want to start working full-time as it's a great way to get your foot in the door."

Charlotte Gallop - Recruitment Consultant

"Aim high, stay focused, set expectations and goals. Your future is the limit!"

Alaina Blackwell - Sector Manager - gap healthcare

"Raise your hand to be involved and grasp all learning opportunities. In the years to come, you’ll be thankful for the time and effort you’ve put in."

Ana-Dana Vitalariu - Consultant

"Do not be afraid of the unknown! I started my job with little experience in recruitment and no experience in healthcare, but with every day and every new situation I manage to better myself, gather knowledge and experience!”

Charlotte Jones - Sector Manager - gap healthcare

"Never be afraid to ask for help. Be brave, stay focused, always be organised, and just because you can’t see the road ahead doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. I’d also always say keep a large supply of highlighters handy so you can highlight off your jobs too - very satisfying!"

Chrissie Small, Regional Director, North Wales and National Recruitment Centre

"When you start your career you won't know everything and that’s ok, nobody will expect you to know it all from day one. Be honest, treat people how you want to be treated (even the unkind ones!). If and when you make any mistakes, own up and remember to learn from them. Also remember that feelings are temporary. Sleep on big decisions (if you can). A new day may bring a change of heart, a new perspective, and save you from making a crazy decision that you may not have otherwise made."

Dawn Walker - Operations Director - gap healthcare

"Have confidence in yourself, the most successful business leaders in the world all started out as beginners! Work hard and take every opportunity to learn as much as you can and put it into practice. Have a goal of what you want to achieve and you can measure your success along the way! Never be afraid to take part, ask questions and offer ideas. Most importantly, remember to enjoy it and have some fun along the way.”

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