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If it’s expert advice you’re after, you’re in the right place. Within gap personnel group are specialist teams who have all the recruitment know-how you need to help you find your next role. Scroll down to find out a bit more about each team and how they can help you find what you’re looking for. 

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    Industrial recruitment is a wide-spanning sector where the available roles and solutions we can provide are endless, from UK branch support right up to full onsite managed services. We deliver what you would expect from a local provider with national presence, whether that’s finding your next position or designing your ideal staffing solution.

    Working with companies of all sizes in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, FMCG and waste management is integral to our business, and placing the best people in these businesses is what we do – after all, this is where gap personnel began and where we continue to excel.

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    We hear it every day, “time is money”, but delivering talent on time is a real challenge across mid to senior level placements. As a candidate, time is just as valuable when spent searching for your next role. gap professional’s team of consultants use a dynamic matching process to place quality candidates with businesses who are passionate about talent. We provide a flexible service that delivers results and places candidates faster than industry standard across three core disciplines: manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain.

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    We know that for businesses, top technical talent is hard to find, and for candidates, it can be a challenge finding a role that matches your skillset while also moving you forward to the next step in your career. Enter gap technical – the team who are engineered to deliver excellence. That’s an excellent understanding of each candidate’s ambitions, and excellent delivery against every customer’s specific service needs. We match skilled people to opportunities that best showcase their talent across three core disciplines: engineering, scientific, and procurement.

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    If it's expert advice you're after, you're in the right place. Within gap healthcare are specialist teams who have all the recruitment know-how you need to help you make your next employment decision, whether that's finding a new job or hiring the best staff for your business.

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    Businesses today frequently work on a global scale meaning there is an increasing demand for employees who can help business grown internationally. Kerr Recruitment’s team of multilingual consultants have lived all over the world, and appreciate that words only go so far – it’s understanding the culture that really enables you to speak another language. We are experts at identifying and delivering multilingual candidates who stand out from the crowd for commercial, professional and technical roles.

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    People development is core to our mission – we look for ways to upskill our employees, and in turn supply a more engaged, more productive workforce to our customers. Our training provision has expanded from in-house and accredited training primarily focused on the industrial sectors, to offering funded pre-employment training, apprenticeships, and back-to-work initiatives.