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modern slavery webinar

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modern slavery webinar

Spotting the signs of modern slavery in the workplace - free webinar with Unseen UK.

Join our free lunch and learn webinar Q&A with Unseen UK to learn about spotting the signs of modern slavery in the workplace.

Thursday 15th October, 12pm-12.45pm.

You can submit any questions you'd like answering upon registration, or live on the day in the webinar chat.

The session will cover areas including:

  1. The context of slavery around the world and in the UK
  2. The difference between modern slavery and labour abuse
  3. The difference between human trafficking and people smuggling
  4. How slavery occurs and what we can do about it
  5. How the Covid-19 pandemic has affected modern slavery
  6. What we can do to help

This event is to mark and raise awareness of Anti-Slavery Day on Sunday 18th October 2020.  It is aimed at anyone from HR to management, to employees interested in learning more about tackling modern slavery.

Register and submit your questions.

Modern slavery in the UK

Modern slavery is a huge problem in the UK, but often goes undetected and thousands of victims remain hidden in plain sight. Common misconceptions and myths about modern slavery often prevent victims being identified and what we see in the media is often unrepresentative of the true situation. If we are to tackle this enormous problem, we must first understand it.

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