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gap donates over £800 to The Brain Tumour Charity

gap donates over £800 to The Brain Tumour Charity

As part of gap personnel’s ongoing charity work as part of the company’s 20th anniversary, we are pleased to have recently donated over £800 to The Brain Tumour Charity.

The donation comes as part of the “We are Aware 10p challenge”, setup by fundraiser, Elizabeth Devey. Elizabeth is a lifelong friend of gap personnel Blackburn Branch Manager, Helen Mathews and has created the campaign following the loss of her best friend to a brain tumour in 2016. Elizabeth’s mission is to help bring down diagnosis times in young people and is aiming to reach one million people, whilst asking each person made aware, to donate just 10p, hence the name of the campaign.

gap personnel has over 250 specialist recruiters working around the UK and during the company’s June payroll run, each employee donated 10p from their salary. The company then donated an additional £3 per person towards the charity, raising £852.50 in total.

Should you wish to find out more about the “We are 10p Challenge”, visit

Following the donation, Elizabeth said “I’m reaching out to everywhere, schools, colleges, businesses and gap personnel have come and helped with that as well, so I just like to thank gap personnel so much for making all their employees brain tumour aware and thank you for their very very kind donation as well.”